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The Barbarians (Round Two)

 “The Barbarians (Round Two)

It was not in vain that we awaited the barbarians, 

it was not in vain that we gathered in the city square. 

It was not in vain that our great ones donned their official robes 

and rehearsed their speeches for the event. 

It was not in vain that we smashed our temples 

and erected new ones to their gods; 

as proper we burnt our books 

that have nothing in them for people like that. 

As the prophesy foretold the barbarians came, 

and took the keys to the city from the king’s hand. 

But when they came they donned the garments of the land, 

and their customs were the customs of the state; 

and when they commanded us in our own tongue 

we no longer knew when 

the barbarians had come to us.”

Amir Or

Translated by Vivian Eden


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